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School was starting in a week. Tiffany had pretty much forgot about Sierra. Tiffany and Charlotte were getting ready to look and feel amazing for the first day of school. 

"Okay C, so what's the plan for today?" Tiffany asked.

"We're going to Airhead to get our hair highlighted and extensions maybe, then BeachStreet for tanning and eyelash extensions. And probably Aps for massages. Sound good?" Charlotte said, sounding overly like an assistant.

"Yep!" Tiffany said.

Tiffany and Charlotte got into a waiting town car, which took them  to Airhead, an über cool, über trendy, über pink salon. They were greeted by an overly preppie attendant who was dressed entirely in pink, up to her pink-highlighted hair. 

"Welcome to Airhead!" She said in a very hyper voice.

Tiffany smirked at her, then tugged Charlotte's hand inside the salon. She immediately walked over to the person working at a desk, which had a large, pink cloud with the word AIRHEAD above it.

"Hello Miss Chase, Miss DeWaters! Your room is to your left, and I'm sorry, I had to put another client inside your personal room."

Tiffany fumed for a second, then instantly regained herself.

"Yes... That's fine... and who did you say will be sharing OUR private room?" Tiffany asked in a fake sweet tone.

"I didn't. You ladies will be sharing a room with... HER." she pointed to a girl with super long, pale blonde hair who was looking at the wall of different shades of pink nail polish. 

"She looks familiar. Do we kno-." Charlotte was cut off by a loud shh sound Tiffany made. The girl had turned around. It was Sienna.

"Wait.. WHAT!" Tiffany shouted to the poor girl working behind the pink sparkly desk. 

"She is NOT-" This time Tiffany was cut off by a measured voice that came from Sienna.
"Do you have a problem with me?" Sienna smirked.

Tiffany never would admit defeat, so she put on a fake smile.
"Of course not- I was just surprised to see YOU here. I would've expected you to be somewhere, less established." Tiffany said with a huge smirk on her face.

"Same with you" Sienna shot back.

Charlotte cut in.

"Whatever Tiff, lets just get our stuff done then get out of here." she said.

Tiffany and Charlotte had decided to get the same Japanese perms that they had seen in an article in Vogue, hair extensions, and then they were going to get lo-lights. 

Sienna had just gotten highlights that made Tiffany even more jealous of her natural hair. Not that she admit it, though. 

Tiffany and Charlotte had already gotten their hair straightened and were getting their highlights in. Sierra was done, but was hanging around, watching them. And hour later Charlotte and Tiffany's highlights were done. Their stylist blow-dried their hair ( with a pink dryer of course!) and straightened it. He turned them around in the mirror at the same time and.....

"OHMYGOD! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY/TIFFANY'S HAIR!" Charlotte and Tiffany screamed at the same time.


"Calm down miss, I'll fix it." said the stylist with a hint of british accent. 

"You better!" she threatened.

He then set on to making Tiffany's hair darker and the way she wanted it, dyeing the salon's signature VIP pink streak on the underside of her hair.

All the while, Sienna was laughing hysterically while Charlotte was moving back their appointments at all the different salons.

Once Tiffany was done getting her hair done, it looked amazing. It was long, dark, and super-straight. Her and Charlotte paid, then they walked to BeachStreet, which was right across the street. Charlotte and Tiffany went to the desk of BeachStreet, and the lady working it greeted them. 

" Reservations?" she asked.

" Charlotte DeWaters and Tiffany Chase. Duh!" Charlotte said before Tiffany could say anything.
"Of course, of course. LESLEY!"  

A tiny blonde stylist ran over to the desk.

" Yes, Lesley, these girls have Tan appointments and eyelash extensions. Kay?" the receptionist said.

"Yep!" Lesley replied, in a hyper voice.

She led Tiffany and Charlotte back to the tanning booths, and gave them instructions. Once they were done, they went to a different room and got eyelash extensions.

As they were walking out, Tiffany turned to Charlotte.

" You like my new lashes?" Tiffany asked while fluttering her eyelashes.

"Yes, of course darling!" Charlotte said in a faux-french accent. The girls giggled, then ran back to the car, heading back to Tiffany's apartment.

The next day, Tiffany went over to Charlotte's townhouse. A maid answered the door.

She asked for her name. She's obvi new!.. Tiffany thought.

"Tiffany Chase, here for Charlotte." she said. A few moments later, Charlotte appeared at the door.
"Come on in Tiff- my parents aren't home right now, but my brother is." Charlotte said. Charlotte had an older brother named Burke, and him and Charlotte looked like twins.

"Kay." Tiffany said.

They went up to Charlotte's brick red room, and sat down on her king- size bed.

"So... we have Sienna. Info please?" Tiffany said.

"Yeah, I have it right here!" Charlotte said.

Name:Sienna Victorie Blue.

From: Paris, France

Sports: Tennis, Horseback Riding, Lacrosse

Friends: Alexis Knoll, Danielle Libbe, Anna Dennison 

Favs:Riding, Gelato, Sparkles,Sienna Miller,Lacoste, Anna Sui, Prada, Miu Miu 

Dislikes: Techno,Rap,Country Music, New York, Juicy Couture

Charlotte read off her list.

"Amazing information C! Any leads to why she left Paris yet?" Tiffany said.

"Not yet," Charlotte replied," but I'm going to call her old friends ASAP to find out." Charlotte said. She thought for a moment, then widened her wide blue eyes.

" I cannot WAIT for something really exciting to happen this year. New girl- prepare to sink down to the Z list!" Charlotte said, then giggling hysterically. 

Three days later, It was the day before school started. Charlotte was over  at tiffany's house, helping her figure out what to wear.

Tiffany held up a coral micro mini with a matching henley and a white cami underneath.

"How does this make me look? Hot, or like a giant piece of gum?" Tiffany asked, laughing.

"Um, I think it makes you look a little gum-ish." Charlotte laughed along with Tiffany.

Tiffany rummaged through her giant closet, searching through a summer of shopping, to find the perfect thing to wear.

"Aha!" Tiffany exclaimed like an evil scientist who just discovered something. "I found the PERFECT thing!' 

"What?" Charlotte said.

"Hold on, lemme put it on and accessorize it. Be right back." Tiffany said.

Tiffany back into her closet, and found silver gladiator sandals. She found some silver necklace chains and put them around her neck. She slipped on the outfit, then turned around to face Charlotte.
"Tada!" Tiffany exclaimed like a Vegas showgirl, throwing her hand high in the air.

"OHMYGOD!" Charlotte shouted. "I love it!"

Tiffany was wearing a pink silk grecian goddess minidress, that was sure to impress everyone on the first day of school.

"Yay! I found my outfit!" Tiffany said, "what are you wearing?"

"Well... I actually was going to wear the same thing, but it a khaki color. Is that ok? Its also longer than yours." Charlotte asked.

"Yep. Just wear flats instead of gladiator sandals and no jewelry." Tiffany said.

"Ok." Charlotte agreed.




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k, i liked this a little bit better than the 2st part....nice use of details....didnt like 2 many uses of 'overly' and the hyper to hear a bit more details on the second salon tanning and ilash xtensions. plus the whole japanese perms was prob taken from the clique

i dont mean 2 sound negative....just needs some work keep on writng!!!


06/11/2008 22:20

I agree...Its so much better than the first one and the details are grreat.

06/12/2008 17:53

This one was a little better, but I feel like you needed to take the part about Japanese hair x-tensions and their spa day out. It's just irrelevant to the story. I have to say though you did improve but I don't see why she would wear a Grecian dress to school. That's a little too formal.

Also I know that Charlotte is a gossip queen but how can she find out all of Sienna's likes and dislikes? Didn't she just move here? If she did, shouldn't she act a little bit more French? (ie: speaking French) Unless Charlotte is the queen of all the universe then I don't see why she'd find out all about Sienna. She just moved here, after all. And I thought she didn't have friends. Or maybe they're her friends back in Paris. That would be weird, because their last names are not French.

Do a little research before writing a story. Good luck!


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I like your story because it's a lot like the Clique =] But the only thing seems very shallow, and i'm not talking about the characters. it seems like you're only telling what the girls are saying and not enough of what's beneath the story line, like what the girls are thinking or past events that lead up to certain events. i don't like criticizing people's work, but I'm just letting you know

06/16/2008 22:04

I just re-read the clique in certian parts. Japanese perms? Alicia and Olivia got matching ones. Grecian goddess dress? Massie and Alicia were fighting over a gold one.
Plus, it was still shallow. The first part had a better storyline and it seemed like there was no meat to the story. Also, i wanted to make a suggestion.

Right here: Charlotte said, sounding overly like an assistant.
It doesn't sound right...
Charlotte said, sounding more like an assistant than a pretty, young girl who doesn't have a care in the world.
Or SOMETHING like that? just a suggestion...
Also, some mistakes....Charlotte was over at tiffany's house. Capitol T.
plus....Her and Charlotte paid, then they walked to BeachStreet, which was right across the street.
Take out the world Charlotte, it doesn't sound right, "her paid". It should be She and Charlotte paid, or Tiffany and Charlotte paid.
Keep writing! :D

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Untitled Juliette Crotter Project (UJCP)
“Good morning, Elsie” I called to my aunt who was fixing scrambled eggs. I craved the morning. Beautiful sunrise. Calming chirps. Fortunately, in the Crane household, Elsie was the only other one that did and she has breakfast duty every morning.
Pushing the power button on our Acer and waiting for it to come on, I grabbed the Highland Hills Herald and flipped to Life & Style. I’d never admit it but, some of my greatest outfits come from there. “Welcome,” a peaceful female voice cooed. I double-clicked an amethyst ring and a password box popped up. I typed in my lunch number and hit enter. As icons appeared on my background, I agreed with the article I was reading about silk scarf belts. I could wear my purple leopard scarf with tomorrow’s Deep Violet cami and denim skinny jeans.
My AIM box automatically logged in amethyst102 and asked if I wanted to check my email. I clicked O for OK on my keyboard and started on an article about purple. “You’ve got mail!” a creepy male voice announced as I read through my inbox. “Junk mail, junk mail, junk mail, junk mail, Aunt Gem, Jett-ooh, here we go, Coral” my eyes speed read the email and discovered that since soccer tryouts were that afternoon, Coral would be absent from this afternoons carpool. Closing my email, my AIM notified me someone logged in. I checked the screen name and saw it was coral625. The computer dinged again and a new window appeared.
Coral625: hi ammy
Amethyst102: hey gurl. Wassup?
Coral625: nmjc should I have pizza or cereal for breakfast?
Amethyst102: pizza
Coral625: thanks. Yum!
Coral625: what r u having?
Amethyst102: grits bacon eggs and a biscuit w/ mayhaw
Coral625: what?
Amethyst102: its from jenny in GA u should try it sometime u r here
Coral625: u go 2 GA’s?
Amethyst102: Georgia
Coral625: ohhh my B……… sounds yummy
Amethyst102: good luck
Coral625: thanks call me
Amethyst102: cant, its B4 7 am. Ttyl lylas BFTWD
Coral625: lylas, BFTWD
BFTWD is our acronym for Best Friends Til We Die. Sapphire knows it too but, she likes to sleep in.
Coral, Sapphire, and I hang out all the time. Some people call us triplets. Some call us Three Musketeers. We call ourselves best friends. this is just part of it.

07/09/2008 20:23

Chapter Two
I ran down the stairs just in time for the weather. The den’s old, wooden-encased Zenith was showing the last second of ‘You Gotta See This’ and I sighed as I plopped down on our brown, mustard yellow, and burnt orange striped love seat.
“Wow!” Tanya Logan laughed at the clip with Jim Portar. “Coming up next we have weather with Ryan Simms,” she continued. “Thanks, Tanya” Ryan smiled, “Our cold spell is ending today so, get out your swimsuits and sunscreen and enjoy this great summery weather.” ‘But we’re still in school aren’t we?’ I glumly thought. I shut off the TV and hung my legs over the edge. ‘So much for today’s outfit.’
I trudged upstairs to change and to wake up Cassidy, my 19 year old sister, already out for summer. Our shared room was a pastel sunshiny-yellow and our white twin daybeds had matching blue, pink, and yellow plaid comforters and one blue and one yellow King sized pillow each. Mine was covered with stuffed animals and my gray Sanderson University Bulldogs sweatshirt blanket while hers had BOB, her Big ‘Ol Bear she had since she was four, and Monkey, an orange ape her boyfriend, Ben, won for her at the Hambright County Fair. “Cass!” I yelled at the sleeping, motionless, lump in her bed. She looked at me. “It’s 7:30” I told her after a quick glance at my white alarm clock. She jumped up and pulled on her burgundy Ollie’s BBQ shirt, worn Levis, and her old white cheer shoes. While she headed toward the bathroom, I changed into a denim mini, a few colored tank tops, and flip flops. I slowly walked down our wooden steps while contemplating what book to take to school today.
“Bring Bring Bring!” our gray phone rang. “Grab it!” Cassidy yelled at me over the hairdryer. I jumped down the last few steps and grabbed the phone off the cradle just in time to answer it. “Hello?” “Hi this is Coral Ellington, is Amethyst Crane there?” the sweet voice over the receiver asked. “Hey Coral! Did you see the weather?” I asked her. “Yeah! You coming to pick me up?” she replied. “I can’t. Cassidy is taking me today” I told her and hung up the phone. I laid the Clique Summer Collection: Alicia on the table and went upstairs to pack my books. I laid down on my bed and hugged Blacki, my black Dimples Teddy.
The second Cassidy left the bathroom, we went out the door, down the steps, out the front door, into her 2000 green Ford Mustang, and we set off for another great day.


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Nothing except the knots of grieving relatives mourning their dead, the red-clad rescue workers searching the ground for human remains


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