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March 23

4:18 PM I interrupt your normal program with this breaking news story…..(okay, I know it wasn’t THAT funny, but in my head, I’m totally using this really deep newscaster voice and have the Channel 8 News at Ten song playing in the background, so there.) If there ever was one thing I didn’t expect at boarding school, it was exchange programs. I mean, you already are living away from home. Do they really need to send you FURTHER away. It’s like boarding school for boarding school students. That doesn’t make sense! Well it sort of does. I guess. I mean, CABS is a Pre-K-12 school, so I understand where there coming from. For alpha-omegas(That’s people who start in Pre-K and go through 12th are called. Although, if you think about it, you aren’t one until you have your final diploma, so by now there alpha….mu’s?) it is their home, and so, going away would be just like me going to CABS. Still. Today, this lady came into first period math and called my name. She was wearing this truly hideous barf green pant suit. I followed her out into the hall. And through the halls and up the stairs, then, because I guess she was really out of shape, up the elevator , then down another hall then FINALLY into this tiny, yellow, Disney-designed room(Did I mention the school is big? It so is.) She starts looking through papers and walking around the office and I’m just standing there like, Hello? You bring me through the monster school to watch you shuffle your papers around in that ugly suit? I mean, come on. I like math. I’m GOOD at math. And I’m missing it to stand feeling very awkward in my giant kilt of a uniform skirt that covers my knees, by the way, and I’m starting to get mad. “Aha!” She says, holding up a yellow paper, “It was on my desk the whole time!” Of course it was. “Rachael Spencer?” I nod. When I think back, wasn’t that a tad unnecessary? When she said my name in the classroom, I followed, so yes, I AM Rachael Spencer, but you already knew that. Honesty. “HI. I’m Miss Crenshaw, the guidance counselor. I saw you had volunteered to be part of the exchange program.” She says, looking at her paper, and making a note on it. What could she possibly be writing? But then I’m thinking like, “Wait. Back up.” I didn’t sign up for the
exchange program! I just came this year. That’s enough of an exchange program for me! “But you didn’t turn in a form with your parents consent” Because I didn’t know I needed to because I didn’t sign up! “So we called your parents, and faxed them a permission slip and the signed it and sent it back, so we’re all set, except for your signature. How come I didn’t know about this!!!! “Just sign right here and were all good!” “Wait!” I practically yell. She talks SO FAST! Apparently she only needs one breath to do a monologue. Maybe she has a superpower. I try to imagine Mrs. Crenshaw in a leotard and cape, and let me tell you, it is much better than that pantsuit. “I didn’t sign up for an exchange program! I just moved here!” “Oh!” She says in this surprised voice. She also blinks really fast a couple of times. “Well, we already enrolled you in school in Australia , because your parents gave their permission. Your supposed to go a week from tomorrow! The plane tickets have already been bought.” “Then why” I say in this tight fake smile, but my voice comes out super-pissed. “Did you need my signature. Apparently, I don’t have any say in where I’m going to live. Were you even gonna tell me about it, or just shove me on a plane and be like, Sayonara?” I’m standing up now, crazy angry. “Well you signed up! We assumed that you wanted to do it! And the signature is for the file. You have to sign everything that we put in your personal file, for security purposes.” WHAT? That made no sense. Okay, sure. I’m signed up for Australia. But, This is a Clancey Addams Boarding School exchange. I can’t live in Australia if I don’t GO to CABS. Time to put my talent to good use. Later Chickadees!
*Mwah(ha-ha-ha)* J P.S. I know that was corny. Get over it. P.P.S. I found out why my name was on the list, too. My stupid roommate, Heather(alpha-omega/mu) signed us both up and forgot to tell me. She thought that it would be fun to go together. She’s going to Australia. I hope, without me. P.P.P.S. It WOULD be fun to go with Heather. Out of all the friends I’ve had, she is the closest to me. Maybe it’s because we live together. J
P.P.P.P.S.- I know i just got this website, but my new blog address is
Make sure you change it to keep up with my wacky life. (Okay, I know it's only been 2 blogs. Whatever. I'm tired of this address)


This is Sarah's Lisi Lover entry...its like a diary entry by the main character Rachel so read her story and comment! Thanks!

March 23

7:24 No, I’ve never got detention in my life. No, I don‘t TRY to cause trouble. Yes, I was expelled. From 7 schools. I think it’s a talent. It started in 7th grade, two months after my 13th birthday. I was sitting in science, in my scratchy, ugly blue sweater and my uniform skirt and listening to a boring science teacher go on and on about homozygous and heterozygous genes. The lights were off while I was watching a power point with 22 other girls in the exact same outfit. Under my desk was a little metal box. I picked it up right as the bell rang. “Okay, we’ll finish this presentation tomorrow.” Said Mr. Ford in a monotone voice. Like I care. Seriously. I stuffed the little box which I had to decided to open later in my book bag and took off. I threw the whole bag in my locker and went to the auditorium for the career week speaker. Oh yes, we don’t have to suffer through just one day of it. No, every day from 1-3:20 we have to listen to 2 speakers for an entire week. That’s like….14 speakers each talking for almost 2 hours each! Today was the security guard from THE MUSEUM and the owner of this super-fancy restaurant. Everyone was all excited because they were bringing the drug-finding dog and they were going to do a sweep to demonstrate what the security guard does on a regular basis. They were going to show it live on the projector screen in the auditorium while the security guard and dog went down the locker hallways and had the dog sniff around. A couple of people got to go through the metal detector. The whole shebang. But believe me, I wasn’t as thrilled as the rest of the school. I mean, come on. If it was a public school, all this would happen on a regular basis! As if. Please, that school was a bubble. No one cussed. It used to be a HUGE deal if someone said crap. And if someone, God forbid, said the h-word? It was in the gossip column of the school paper. Anyway, they started the drug sweep and it was really boring. Watching a dog walk around is not as fun as it sounds. Everyone was just having their own conversations, despite the glares from our teachers. But then the drug dog started barking REALLY LOUD. Seriously. Like a freaking siren. I am not joking. And it was so loud you could hear it from the OTHER BUILDING, not just from the screen. He was making this scene right in front of this one locker and so the security people had to go get the principal, who was sitting in the auditorium with us and go up to the locker and the best part was that it was all caught on
tape. So the principal gets the key and unlocks the locker and I’m just sitting there in shock because that is MY LOCKER. Remember the little metal box? I almost didn’t. Seriously. I had totally forgot. But then the principal comes and it didn’t matter that I had just found it. Didn’t matter that I was a straight-A PLUS student. Drug possesion was an automatic expulsion. That’s the way my life since then had worked. Didn’t cause any trouble. Parpticipated in class. Never got detention. Nope! Just a string of wrong-place, wrong-time moments. And wouldn’t you know it, some stupid thing would be and automatic expulsion because of a person that didn’t go there anymore and at any other school it would just cause a admonishing look from a teacher. For example, at school number 4 AFE(After First Expulsion), I was taking vollyball for my elective. I was in 9th grade and I was outside on the and volleyball court. That’s another thing. I am always sent to private schools. Rich private schools, with things like indoor pools and movie theaters to show films and outside sand volleyball courts. Okay, so I was tossing the ball up and I hit it and it flew out into the street. How could it not? The school was 3 buildings on a giant circle of grass that contained the football fields, tennis courts and track. One time around the track was 2 miles because it went around the giant circle. Anyway, the whole thing was surrounded by a street that went all the way around the whole thing. The volleyball court was on the edge of the circle, but still surrounded by the track(which wasn’t very thick). So, anytime you hit the vollyball too far or too hard, the ball rolled into the street. I ran out to get it because there were no cars except for the parked ones, and it was second to last period, so not many cars were going to be coming in sometime soon. Unfourtunatly, when a ran out, I was spotted by a teacher who took me to the dean, who expelled me. See, about 5 years back, a girl had come to school for 1st period and snuck out at the end. As she was trying to run away from the school, she was going so fast that she couldn’t stop when she realized she was about to run into a car on the main street that connects to the circle driveway street. She went into a coma for 3 weeks and suffered serious brain damage. Therefore, any going into the streets without using one of the crosswalks and/or going into the streets during school hours when the school zone lights are not flashing results in an automatic expulsion. For safety, of course. Some people have just plain bad luck. I, however, have been in 5 other situations just like that(Some worse!). That’s not bad luck. That’s the gods’ little joke. Right now I’m at Clancey Addams Boarding school in New York. We ran out of private schools near Rustin, Connecticut, so rather than have my mom or dad make that long, 30 minute commute to a private school in Boston twice a day, they decided to ship me off to New York. Best boarding school in the USA, apparently. Thanks guys. Actually, I have almost made it through the whole year here. Lets see how it plays out. For now, I’ve got class. 11th grade math awaits! Later Chicadees!

*Mwah* - Rachael

Read this! 06/18/2008

OMG, guys (sorry) girls... there is a new clique site in town and let me add it is simply ah-mazing.  Its creators were very creative with links, games and so much more for Clique lovers. So... check it out Its almost as exciting as a new Marc Jacobs bag! 


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School was starting in a week. Tiffany had pretty much forgot about Sierra. Tiffany and Charlotte were getting ready to look and feel amazing for the first day of school. 

"Okay C, so what's the plan for today?" Tiffany asked.

"We're going to Airhead to get our hair highlighted and extensions maybe, then BeachStreet for tanning and eyelash extensions. And probably Aps for massages. Sound good?" Charlotte said, sounding overly like an assistant.

"Yep!" Tiffany said.

Tiffany and Charlotte got into a waiting town car, which took them  to Airhead, an über cool, über trendy, über pink salon. They were greeted by an overly preppie attendant who was dressed entirely in pink, up to her pink-highlighted hair. 

"Welcome to Airhead!" She said in a very hyper voice.

Tiffany smirked at her, then tugged Charlotte's hand inside the salon. She immediately walked over to the person working at a desk, which had a large, pink cloud with the word AIRHEAD above it.

"Hello Miss Chase, Miss DeWaters! Your room is to your left, and I'm sorry, I had to put another client inside your personal room."

Tiffany fumed for a second, then instantly regained herself.

"Yes... That's fine... and who did you say will be sharing OUR private room?" Tiffany asked in a fake sweet tone.

"I didn't. You ladies will be sharing a room with... HER." she pointed to a girl with super long, pale blonde hair who was looking at the wall of different shades of pink nail polish. 

"She looks familiar. Do we kno-." Charlotte was cut off by a loud shh sound Tiffany made. The girl had turned around. It was Sienna.

"Wait.. WHAT!" Tiffany shouted to the poor girl working behind the pink sparkly desk. 

"She is NOT-" This time Tiffany was cut off by a measured voice that came from Sienna.
"Do you have a problem with me?" Sienna smirked.

Tiffany never would admit defeat, so she put on a fake smile.
"Of course not- I was just surprised to see YOU here. I would've expected you to be somewhere, less established." Tiffany said with a huge smirk on her face.

"Same with you" Sienna shot back.

Charlotte cut in.

"Whatever Tiff, lets just get our stuff done then get out of here." she said.

Tiffany and Charlotte had decided to get the same Japanese perms that they had seen in an article in Vogue, hair extensions, and then they were going to get lo-lights. 

Sienna had just gotten highlights that made Tiffany even more jealous of her natural hair. Not that she admit it, though. 

Tiffany and Charlotte had already gotten their hair straightened and were getting their highlights in. Sierra was done, but was hanging around, watching them. And hour later Charlotte and Tiffany's highlights were done. Their stylist blow-dried their hair ( with a pink dryer of course!) and straightened it. He turned them around in the mirror at the same time and.....

"OHMYGOD! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY/TIFFANY'S HAIR!" Charlotte and Tiffany screamed at the same time.


"Calm down miss, I'll fix it." said the stylist with a hint of british accent. 

"You better!" she threatened.

He then set on to making Tiffany's hair darker and the way she wanted it, dyeing the salon's signature VIP pink streak on the underside of her hair.

All the while, Sienna was laughing hysterically while Charlotte was moving back their appointments at all the different salons.

Once Tiffany was done getting her hair done, it looked amazing. It was long, dark, and super-straight. Her and Charlotte paid, then they walked to BeachStreet, which was right across the street. Charlotte and Tiffany went to the desk of BeachStreet, and the lady working it greeted them. 

" Reservations?" she asked.

" Charlotte DeWaters and Tiffany Chase. Duh!" Charlotte said before Tiffany could say anything.
"Of course, of course. LESLEY!"  

A tiny blonde stylist ran over to the desk.

" Yes, Lesley, these girls have Tan appointments and eyelash extensions. Kay?" the receptionist said.

"Yep!" Lesley replied, in a hyper voice.

She led Tiffany and Charlotte back to the tanning booths, and gave them instructions. Once they were done, they went to a different room and got eyelash extensions.

As they were walking out, Tiffany turned to Charlotte.

" You like my new lashes?" Tiffany asked while fluttering her eyelashes.

"Yes, of course darling!" Charlotte said in a faux-french accent. The girls giggled, then ran back to the car, heading back to Tiffany's apartment.

The next day, Tiffany went over to Charlotte's townhouse. A maid answered the door.

She asked for her name. She's obvi new!.. Tiffany thought.

"Tiffany Chase, here for Charlotte." she said. A few moments later, Charlotte appeared at the door.
"Come on in Tiff- my parents aren't home right now, but my brother is." Charlotte said. Charlotte had an older brother named Burke, and him and Charlotte looked like twins.

"Kay." Tiffany said.

They went up to Charlotte's brick red room, and sat down on her king- size bed.

"So... we have Sienna. Info please?" Tiffany said.

"Yeah, I have it right here!" Charlotte said.

Name:Sienna Victorie Blue.

From: Paris, France

Sports: Tennis, Horseback Riding, Lacrosse

Friends: Alexis Knoll, Danielle Libbe, Anna Dennison 

Favs:Riding, Gelato, Sparkles,Sienna Miller,Lacoste, Anna Sui, Prada, Miu Miu 

Dislikes: Techno,Rap,Country Music, New York, Juicy Couture

Charlotte read off her list.

"Amazing information C! Any leads to why she left Paris yet?" Tiffany said.

"Not yet," Charlotte replied," but I'm going to call her old friends ASAP to find out." Charlotte said. She thought for a moment, then widened her wide blue eyes.

" I cannot WAIT for something really exciting to happen this year. New girl- prepare to sink down to the Z list!" Charlotte said, then giggling hysterically. 

Three days later, It was the day before school started. Charlotte was over  at tiffany's house, helping her figure out what to wear.

Tiffany held up a coral micro mini with a matching henley and a white cami underneath.

"How does this make me look? Hot, or like a giant piece of gum?" Tiffany asked, laughing.

"Um, I think it makes you look a little gum-ish." Charlotte laughed along with Tiffany.

Tiffany rummaged through her giant closet, searching through a summer of shopping, to find the perfect thing to wear.

"Aha!" Tiffany exclaimed like an evil scientist who just discovered something. "I found the PERFECT thing!' 

"What?" Charlotte said.

"Hold on, lemme put it on and accessorize it. Be right back." Tiffany said.

Tiffany back into her closet, and found silver gladiator sandals. She found some silver necklace chains and put them around her neck. She slipped on the outfit, then turned around to face Charlotte.
"Tada!" Tiffany exclaimed like a Vegas showgirl, throwing her hand high in the air.

"OHMYGOD!" Charlotte shouted. "I love it!"

Tiffany was wearing a pink silk grecian goddess minidress, that was sure to impress everyone on the first day of school.

"Yay! I found my outfit!" Tiffany said, "what are you wearing?"

"Well... I actually was going to wear the same thing, but it a khaki color. Is that ok? Its also longer than yours." Charlotte asked.

"Yep. Just wear flats instead of gladiator sandals and no jewelry." Tiffany said.

"Ok." Charlotte agreed.


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Thank you to Hannah for sending this story in. Leave your comments! THIS IS ONLY HALF OF HER W.P.I. (WORK IN PROGRESS) STORY. If you want to read more...(which you will) the other half will be posted tommorow.

Tiffany Chase looked at her reflection on the full length mirror on the back of her door. She stared at her long, brunette hair and stared straight into her shocking grey eyes. She went over to her bed, then started reading a magazine...

"She's a walking casting call, a fashion runway doll..."

The first words of Jordan Pruitt's Miss Popularity came through her phone, ruining her calm moment.

"Hello?"  she asked in an annoyed tone.

"Guess what Tiff?"

There were only a select number of people that called Tiffany Skye Chase 

Tiff, and and even selector number actually called it to her face. Plus, she knew that voice anywhere.

"Yes Charlotte?"

Charlotte DeWaters was Tiffany's best friend. They had known each other since they went to Montessori School in kindergarden together,

" We have new people!" Charlotte exclaimed

"Info please?" said Tiffany.

"Okay, so I heard that they're triplets!"

"NO WAY!" said Tiffany.

"YES WAY!" exclaimed Charlotte.

Charlotte DeWaters was the Queen of Gossip. She always knew what was going on. Probably because of her dirty blonde hair, baby face, and blue eyes she could get people to tell her anything. 

" Wait, are they THE triplets?" Tiffany asked

" Yeah..." Charlotte said

Tiffany and Charlotte were a clique, called the DeChase's because they were practically sisters and so they mixed their last names together. The triplets used to be part of the clique, but then moved away and never gave contacted Tiffany or Charlotte. Tiffany and Charlotte still believe that they are the losers they were in 5th grade.( They are in 7th now).

" Ugh, they probably still wear those high mom jeans and those huge tee shirts!" Tiffany giggled

"Yeah I know!" Charlotte giggled back.

Tiffany and Charlotte had always been the alphas ( well, in Tiffany's case) of the clique.

Audrey, Anna, and Alexa Reine were the triplets. Audrey, Anna, Alexa,Tiffany, and Charlotte had been friends since Kindergarden. Then in fifth grade, the triplets moved away and Tiffany and Charlotte had broke free of their loser shell and became the alphas that they were today. Tiffany wondered what it would be like when they came back.

There was about a week until school started. Tiffany had yet to go really back to school shopping. During the summer, she had vacationed in the South of France, and just two weeks ago had gotten back from Orlando, Florida, a trip she took with Charlotte. She had been buying clothes all summer, but she hadn't actually gone "back to school shopping." 

Tiffany pressed 1 on her Sidekick, which was covered in pink rhinestones and had her initials (TSC), and speed-dialed Charlotte. 

"Hey Tiff, What's up?" said Charlotte.

"Hey, I have to go back to school shopping." said Tiffany

"Ohmygod! Me too!" Charlotte said in a totally clueless tone.

"Okay, I'll meet you at our favorite Juicy." Tiffany said.

"Okay." said Charlotte. 

Tiffany had an undying love for pink, Juicy Couture, Tiffany's(it was her namesake, after all), and her tiny teacup Yorkie, Couture.

"Let's bring Couture, she'll love it!" Tiffany suddenly exclaimed.

"Sure." Charlotte laughed. 

Tiffany and Couture left the apartment facing Central Park. Tiffany was slipping on her oversized sunglasses when she got a text message.

Gianna Heigo- Guess who I saw leaving Grand Central 2 day??

Gianna was one of Tiffany's best friends.

Tiffany Chase- ?

Gianna Heigo- The triplet's 'rents! Must mean they're in town... Right?

Tiffany Chase- I guess

Gianna Heigo- You GUESS?

Tiffany Chase- Already knew. G2G cya l8er. 

Tiffany didn't bother getting excited about Gianna's texts. She already knew about the triplets.

She stepped into a sleek black town-car that took her and Couture to Juicy.

Once Tiffany and Couture got to Juicy, Tiffany felt immediately at home. The people working inside greeted her by name.

Just as she was about to climb the zebra-printed stairs, a frazzled looking Charlotte burst in.

She handed Couture to Charlotte and continued to head up the zebra-printed stairs, Charlotte in suit. 

"Ohmygod! Look at these sweat suits!" Tiffany exclaimed.

Juicy had just come out with new sweats in a variety of colors.

"We have to buy them in every color! And....... OH! LOOK AT THESE JEANS!" Tiffany exclaimed. She was looking at a pair of sparkle-infused jeans.

Tiffany in Juicy Couture was like watching a little kid in a candy store. It was impossible to get her out until she got exactly what she wanted.


Once Tiffany, Charlotte and Couture were finished in Juicy ( which ended up in Tiffany practically buying half the store) they hopped into Tiffany's town car. They decided to get a few of their friends together, shop some more, then go to Dinner. Tiffany and Charlotte took the town car to Tiffany's giant apartment. They gave Couture to the housekeeper, then ran down to the limo waiting for them outside.

They jumped in.

"Hot or Not?" Tiffany said as soon as they got inside of the limo. It was a game they had been playing for a long time.

"HOT!" Charlotte said.

Tiffany was wearing a Lucky Brand denim miniskirt with a pink cami. On her feet, she had on white flip flops, and her wrists were covered in Tiffany's bangles.

"Rate me!" Charlotte said.

"Same!" Tiffany giggled.

Charlotte was wearing almost the exact outfit that Tiffany was wearing, but her shirt was baby blue cami. She also wasn't wearing the Tiffany's bangles like her friend. 

They headed to Stanton Social, their favorite place to eat dinner. Once they got there, they ordered their usual ( Kobe Beef Burgers, French Onion Soup Dumplings, and Lamb Tacos) then started to talk.

"Guess what? The triplets coming back is a lie! Gianna was making it up so we would be in her debt or something. SO annoying!" Charlotte said.

"I know!" Tiffany agreed.

"But the truth is," Charlotte said, "is that we are going to have a new girlie. And she knows people."

"Wow. So do I!" Tiffany said in a bored tone.

"Yeah, well it will be a change for a new girl to enter our world. Bring it on, right?" Charlotte exclaimed. 

Tiffany smiled. They said the same thing, every year since fifth grade. Same with Stanton Social. Once they had discovered it at the end of fifth grade, they ate there all the time. 

Right when they were finished talking, their food came. They ate it, then the town car took Charlotte home then Tiffany.

Tiffany said goodnight to Couture, then fell asleep.

The next day, Tiffany called Charlotte as soon as she got up.

"Hey Charlotte, what's the plan for today?" Tiffany asked Charlotte.

"Let's umm... do nothing?" Charlotte laughed.

"I know... let's go to Central Park!" Tiffany exclaimed.

"Kay! We can check out all the guys!" Charlotte wagged her eyebrows. She was a bit boy crazy. 

"Kay!" Tiffany agreed.

Sienna Blue looked into the semi murky water of Central Park. She hated New York. She would much rather be with her friends in Paris, but her parents grew up here and insisted that they moved back to the city. She had to leave behind her friends, her house, and practically her entire life in Paris that she had grown accustomed to from when her family had moved in the summer of third grade. She knew Tiffany and Charlotte, and used to be friends with them until she moved to Paris, but when she moved to Paris, she changed. She got an entire new wardrobe, new hobbies, and new friends. She was the alpha of her school in Paris, and it was going to stay that way.

Tiffany and Charlotte walked into the park and towards Sienna's way in their matching outfits. Navy (for Charlotte) and Robin's Egg Blue (for Tiffany) baby doll dresses with white cork espadrilles and huge oversized sunglasses hung on the giggling girl's bodies.  Sienna stared at them. 

Tiffany looked at the girl next to the water staring at them. 

"She's pretty..." Tiffany thought. Sienna was. She had long, pale hair and celery green eyes. She looked up at Tiffany.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." she smirked. Sienna was used to people staring at her, so she already had a comeback prepared.

"Like I was looking at you! Puh-lease, I was totally looking at that duck over there. Right C?" Tiffany shot back.

"Um yeah.." Charlotte said, then whispered to Tiffany, "why are you being mean? She could join us, I mean, look how pretty she is!" 

Tiffany softened, then looked back at Sienna. 

"Hey, do you want to hang out with us sometime?" Tiffany said.

"Um, sorry, but no. I have my own friends. Sorry!" Sienna said, not trying to sound mean, but to Tiffany, it did. 

"Fine then!" she said, then proceeded to drag Charlotte away from Sienna and out of the park.
"Sienna, did you make any new friends today?" Sienna's mother, Jayne Blue, asked her daughter.
"Mom, I already have friends. I don't need new ones."

"But-" Jayne tried to cut in.

"NO!" she yelled, then stormed up to her room. 

Sienna ran into her room and slammed the door shut. The sound of her mother speaking rapid french over the phone to her father made her homesick for Paris.

Tiffany was shocked by this new girl. This was her city, her friends, HER LIFE! She wasn't about to let some pretty new girl take it all away from her. She was  Miss Popularity. And it was going to stay that way.

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