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March 23

4:18 PM I interrupt your normal program with this breaking news story…..(okay, I know it wasn’t THAT funny, but in my head, I’m totally using this really deep newscaster voice and have the Channel 8 News at Ten song playing in the background, so there.) If there ever was one thing I didn’t expect at boarding school, it was exchange programs. I mean, you already are living away from home. Do they really need to send you FURTHER away. It’s like boarding school for boarding school students. That doesn’t make sense! Well it sort of does. I guess. I mean, CABS is a Pre-K-12 school, so I understand where there coming from. For alpha-omegas(That’s people who start in Pre-K and go through 12th are called. Although, if you think about it, you aren’t one until you have your final diploma, so by now there alpha….mu’s?) it is their home, and so, going away would be just like me going to CABS. Still. Today, this lady came into first period math and called my name. She was wearing this truly hideous barf green pant suit. I followed her out into the hall. And through the halls and up the stairs, then, because I guess she was really out of shape, up the elevator , then down another hall then FINALLY into this tiny, yellow, Disney-designed room(Did I mention the school is big? It so is.) She starts looking through papers and walking around the office and I’m just standing there like, Hello? You bring me through the monster school to watch you shuffle your papers around in that ugly suit? I mean, come on. I like math. I’m GOOD at math. And I’m missing it to stand feeling very awkward in my giant kilt of a uniform skirt that covers my knees, by the way, and I’m starting to get mad. “Aha!” She says, holding up a yellow paper, “It was on my desk the whole time!” Of course it was. “Rachael Spencer?” I nod. When I think back, wasn’t that a tad unnecessary? When she said my name in the classroom, I followed, so yes, I AM Rachael Spencer, but you already knew that. Honesty. “HI. I’m Miss Crenshaw, the guidance counselor. I saw you had volunteered to be part of the exchange program.” She says, looking at her paper, and making a note on it. What could she possibly be writing? But then I’m thinking like, “Wait. Back up.” I didn’t sign up for the
exchange program! I just came this year. That’s enough of an exchange program for me! “But you didn’t turn in a form with your parents consent” Because I didn’t know I needed to because I didn’t sign up! “So we called your parents, and faxed them a permission slip and the signed it and sent it back, so we’re all set, except for your signature. How come I didn’t know about this!!!! “Just sign right here and were all good!” “Wait!” I practically yell. She talks SO FAST! Apparently she only needs one breath to do a monologue. Maybe she has a superpower. I try to imagine Mrs. Crenshaw in a leotard and cape, and let me tell you, it is much better than that pantsuit. “I didn’t sign up for an exchange program! I just moved here!” “Oh!” She says in this surprised voice. She also blinks really fast a couple of times. “Well, we already enrolled you in school in Australia , because your parents gave their permission. Your supposed to go a week from tomorrow! The plane tickets have already been bought.” “Then why” I say in this tight fake smile, but my voice comes out super-pissed. “Did you need my signature. Apparently, I don’t have any say in where I’m going to live. Were you even gonna tell me about it, or just shove me on a plane and be like, Sayonara?” I’m standing up now, crazy angry. “Well you signed up! We assumed that you wanted to do it! And the signature is for the file. You have to sign everything that we put in your personal file, for security purposes.” WHAT? That made no sense. Okay, sure. I’m signed up for Australia. But, This is a Clancey Addams Boarding School exchange. I can’t live in Australia if I don’t GO to CABS. Time to put my talent to good use. Later Chickadees!
*Mwah(ha-ha-ha)* J P.S. I know that was corny. Get over it. P.P.S. I found out why my name was on the list, too. My stupid roommate, Heather(alpha-omega/mu) signed us both up and forgot to tell me. She thought that it would be fun to go together. She’s going to Australia. I hope, without me. P.P.P.S. It WOULD be fun to go with Heather. Out of all the friends I’ve had, she is the closest to me. Maybe it’s because we live together. J
P.P.P.P.S.- I know i just got this website, but my new blog address is
Make sure you change it to keep up with my wacky life. (Okay, I know it's only been 2 blogs. Whatever. I'm tired of this address)



06/25/2008 19:43

hey, gr8 second part! <3 it....so exciting...only teensy weensy suggestion: slow it down a bit! i felt like the story was just a little bit 2 fast...but still, fab story line. good character foundation. o, this kinda goes with the '2 fast' comment, but i think it would have been intresting if u made the "who signed me up????!!!!!" a big mystery 2 add 2 the plot line.......

trying 2 give nice critiquing....really its an awesome story!!!

07/11/2008 06:30

whoever owns this site, you should post at least one story per week. that's the whole point of this site. i check in every week and there are no stories added.

07/11/2008 12:14

the actual Lisi Lovers site:

07/11/2008 19:41


07/13/2008 01:14

yeah, ive sent like 5 more chapters and nothing!

07/15/2008 22:08


plz put up a notice on THIS SITE, telling ppl about the change. i sent emails to all my friends telling them 2 go 2 THIS SITE, an email 2 lisi harrison, asking her 2 post a link on her blog 2 THIS SITE, and after sending a story, i checked 4 2 weeks, looking 4 it, it never showed up, bc i checked on THIS SITE. plz b more considerate in the future

07/25/2008 22:08

Hey "blank",
the official lisi lovers is here:
this site is not the real one. i emailed the manager and she said that she just only made this site so that writers could post their stories here for right now until the actual site was made. she hasn't emailed me back from my last email (so i think shes on vacay) and once she does she says she will close down this site so that the actual lisi lovers can keep running


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